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I started windsurfing at the age of 11. As I gained experience, I became more and more interested in seeking out challenging conditions to windsurf, which is how I started searching for waves. I soon discovered that there were times when the waves were big enough that the power of the wind was not needed, so I started surfing them using just my board. I was stoked with the feeling! The more I surfed, the higher my expectations got.... so I required different boards to satisfy my craving. There were no surf shops in Greece back then, so I started making my own. The creativity involved in shaping boards was an exhilarating feeling for me, so I decided to go to Falmouth Marine School in Cornwall and attend a shaping-construction surfing course. I also learned a lot more while surfing through my traveling searching for new waves. I have had the opportunity to visit many places around the world and learn about countries and cultures that I wouldn't have come across if surfing wasn't in my life. Finally, having discovered many of the surf spots in Greece, it gives all the more pleasure when I see new surfers enjoying the waves on these spots as well.