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"Invert Room" and "Redefining Transitions"

"Invert Room" (2007) and "Redefining Transitions" (2015) are two similar "installations". These are two oversized wooden installations that I have constructed and painted myself in such a way as to depict inverted domes of Renaissance churches. These facilities, due to their curved shape, obtained a similar utilitarian function as skateboarding tracks. This way, the project became alive and was transformed into a spontaneous performance with the visitors participating as actors. The “invert room” was built in 2007 in 8 months in a warehouse in Renti and the entire installation was 250m2. The "Redefining Transitions" is the evolution of the "Invert Room" located in an art spot suitable for public use. It was installed at the Sarri 12 gallery in March 2015 for one month. These two installations became viral in their own time in their own way. Photos and videos of “Redefining Transitions " were released on more than 100 sites from 20 different countries, were published in journals, and there was three- minute reportage of it on TV.  

The " Invert Room "was published in 10 different magazines and newspapers, and there was a five-minute reportage on television.

At Vimeo, there is a  ten minutes documentary over 'Redefining Transitions'.


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