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"Come on you, chicken"

Acrylic spray on a 400x250cm wall.


Chickens are considered to be skittish, and that’s why in Greek we use the linguistic expression "You are a chicken" when we want to tease someone who is timid. By picturing a chicken with a human body, dressed in a traditional Greek attire (tsolias), I change her personality by attributing to it some contrasting features. This way I depict a chicken who is fearless and dynamic.


The chicken is one more animal that the human society has managed to devalue and castrate.

There are currently 24 billion alive chickens on the planet, only a few of which live in their natural habitat. Free, in nature, chickens can live for five to eleven years, depending on the species. In the industrialized animal farms, a chicken generally lives only for six weeks and then is slaughtered.

A chicken can produce at least 300 eggs a year. In egg framing, 1-year-old chickens are considered to be less profitable because they gradually produce fewer eggs. As a result, they slaughter them and sell them as pet food, pies, and other processed foods.