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“You’re a donkey”

In Greek, this colloquial expression is an evaluative term that we use when we want to accuse someone of being rude and lazy.  However, actually, donkeys are intelligent, cute, amiable, shy, and emotional creatures who are used for labor due to their extraordinary strength and patience. Often people abuse creatures with attributes like the ones that the donkeys possess, and in the same way, society takes advantage of people who are endowed with the same predispositions.


The artwork “You’re a donkey”depicts a contemplative donkey in the same stance as Rodin’s “The Thinker” sculpture (1902).On this interpretation, the donkey is portrayed with its actual characteristics, powerful and creative. This way, it negates man’s dismissal of the donkey.



In Greece, there were 508.000 donkeys in 1950, 95.000  in 1995  and less than 16.000 in 2008